Troll Patrol: Defending Grace is a safe place online for those who want to share their abortion story, advocate & spread awareness for the right to choose, & support others who do the same.

We are a group I founded after I shared my story about ending my wanted pregnancy online, and found that friends jumped in to handle negative comments so I could focus on self care instead. These people came together to share stories about ending wanted pregnancies to raise awareness and reduce stigma around abortions/pregnancy termination, and for others to bravely lend support to those sharing. While Troll Patrol: Defending Grace has historically focused on stories around ending wanted pregnancies, the group supports all reproductive rights choices, and has (and supports) members that have ended pregnancies for non-medical reasons.

Troll Patrol: Defending Choice provides public support and advocacy efforts for women's reproductive rights, including the right to safe abortions. We accomplish this through advocacy. One objective of Troll Patrol: Defending Grace is support one another even in the negative comments section on our members' articles when shared online so the original sharer can focus on self care after bravely sharing. Additional support is given in the form of story editing, networking, advice and general emotional support.

If you would like to apply to join Troll Patrol: Defending Grace, please contact me using the Contact Me form. Online submission processes are coming shortly.