Ways To Make a Difference

Sharing our story has resulted overwhelmingly in an outpouring of love, support, compassion and resources that friends, family and perfect strangers have shared with us.

Below are some ways to make a HUGE difference and ensure that safe, legal options for babies like Grace Pearl stay available.



Share Our Story

If our story has touched or inspired you, please share it with others. People talking about these issues is what leads to fewer demands for laws that apply black and white options to this very gray area issue:

  • Talk to your family and friends about out story.
  • Share this website and our story using the Share button at the bottom of each blog post, and the Twitter and Facebook buttons right here: 

It's ok to share it saying you're not sure what you think about this issue or our story entirely. It's also ok to say that you're not sure what else to say about it beyond what we've said. We just ask that you consider what we've been through and our request that laws not be created that limit our options.


There are endless ways to advocate:

  • Calls, letters/postcards to our elected officials
  • Testifying against legislation that limits our reproductive choices and rights
  • Telling your story, whether anonymously or publicly



There are numerous worthy causes that help legally protect our rights to make the best choices for our family.

If you get a company match, please consider donating that way to make your donation go even further!