We Hit a Major Milestone Today

If you listened to our Moth Podcast, you know our big announcement…

… I’m pregnant again.

The way that Boston reacted to this announcement after I told them about Grace Pearl took me by surprise and promoted tears of gratitude. I listen to the cheering over and over again and cry happy tears. I will never forget that moment.

This pregnancy didn’t come easily for us either. It took us another round of IVF including one canceled attempt, 3 more frozen embryo transfers, a surgery, another new Reproductive Endocrinologist working with our amazing local one, exploring autoimmune diseases and much, much more research into adoption in the meantime. And a lot of pauses to see if this is what we really wanted.

But today is a really, really big day. I’m 28 weeks pregnant today. Viability is a moving target, without concrete lines that can really be accurately drawn, but this is a big one. While I know all too well how wrong things can go even when you’ve been given every assurance that it won’t (there was only a 1% chance after 10 weeks that something would go wrong with my pregnancy with Grace due to the early testing we had done), and I know women that have learned the worst news possible at this point and later and have had to terminate wanted pregnancies at this point and later…. I’m so hopeful.


I was a Trader Joe’s tonight and the news kind of tumbled out of me while talking to the cashier - that I’m pregnant after a very hard road and just hit a major viability milestone, and she rang the bell twice and suddenly a bouquet of flowers was in my hands to celebrate the occasion. Cue tears of happiness again.

Thanks to everyone celebrating and hoping with us. It helps so much more than I can even say. As we approach Grace’s termination date very soon, it feels great to have our dread and grief so beautifully intermingled with hope and celebration.