Missouri's Only Abortion Clinic Likely Closing Friday: What You Can Do NOW

This is not a drill.

Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region is the only abortion provider in the state of Missouri. Missouri’s health department is refusing to renew their license. By Friday, May 31, 2019, Missouri may be the only state in the country without an abortion provider.


Why this matters to me

The compassionate doctors and staff at Planned Parenthood guided us through our consents (while reassuring us that while they were judgmental in language, they did not reflect how they, our doctors felt about us). They performed both steps of the 2 day abortion procedure, answered all of my questions and then some, gave me a list of grief counselors, resources for cremation and ash spreading if we so chose, referred me to the life-changingly wonderful Ending a Wanted Pregnancy website where I found endless support, and helped me get my cherished hand and foot prints of Grace Pearl. They were consummate professionals and showed us wonderful care as we faced the hardest and most terrible decision of our lives: ending our desperately wanted pregnancy.

It’s important that we fight to keep them open. All people deserve compassionate, fact-based, non-judgmental health care.

What you can do

  • Sign the petition.

  • Donate to Gateway Women's Access Fund to help Missouri women (who may now have the additional expense of leaving the state) access legal abortion services.  https://www.gwaf.org/donate

  • Donate to Patient Care at Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood, MO’s last abortion provider: ReproductiveHealthServices.org/give

  • Donate to advocacy to fight for safe, legal abortion in MO: ppmissouri.org/donate

  • Contact Governor Parson and let him know you feel about this: https://governor.mo.gov/

  • Contact the Missouri Health & Senior Services Director to let him know how you feel about this nonsense https://health.mo.gov/about/director.php

  • Go to the Rally to end abortion bans on Thursday, May 30th at 11:30 am. Details here and signup here.

  • Sign up for updates from Reproaction, a grassroots organization doing important, local work. https://reproaction.org/take-action

  • Missouri NARAL provides clinic escorts to help those accessing services get through the protesters who harass patients. Hope Clinic in Granite City, IL will absorb Missouri patients and protesters -- they'll need more help. Sign up to become an escort or legal observer (add in the comment box that you’d like to learn more about being an escort).

  • Attend a how-to happy hour on June 6 (I am one of the hosts)!

  • Dine out for Planned Parenthood on June 6: Info here

  • TALK ABOUT ABORTION. Use my story if you want! That’s why I share it - to help protect our rights, not let us lose them.