Our Story in the Washington Post

Our story has been published in the Washington Post as an Opinion Piece. You can see it here.

Please share our story. 

It's okay to not know how you feel about our story, and still share it.  It's okay to say that too. It's okay to share it and not add any commentary to it. We know we'll face criticism from some for the choice we made, but it's our sincere hope that we can shed some light on the gray area situations that exist around abortion.

Men, too, please share our story. Historically, men have shared our story very little, for reasons I haven't quite figured out yet. I'll likely do a blog post about that in the future and would love kind feedback and perspectives. But the fact of the matter is Conservative men do not hesitate to speak their minds and propose and pass legal restrictions around our options without considering or including stories like ours. We need male allies to speak up with us. 

Thank you so much for your consideration of our story.