Welcome to Defending Grace

I never envisioned that I would have a website and blog dedicated to preserving our legal options to make the best choices for our families. But I also never envisioned having a daughter, Grace Pearl, diagnosed with Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney Disease at her 21 week anatomy scan either. Without functioning kidneys, she would have no amniotic fluid (a condition called Oligohydramnios), and without amniotic fluid, her lungs would never develop. The condition is 100% fatal when it presents that early, and affecting both kidneys, and we chose to terminate the pregnancy for medical reasons, a procedure referred to as TFMR. 

Our story is just one in millions. You don't hear about it a lot because people are so afraid of backlash, judgment and retribution from strangers, friends, and even family for the choice they made, with no regard for how heartbreaking the choice was and remains for the parents. 

This site is designed to share our story, tell the stories of other families who have faced this terrible choice with horrible options, and to educate and inform about threats to our legal rights. All I ask is that you listen and ask questions with compassion and an open heart and mind, and I promise you'll receive the same from me.