Infertility: Have questions? Ask here!

Along this journey through infertility, we've hit a lot of situations where we learned that society doesn't know a ton about it. We sure didn't before we started trying to have a child. Frankly, I had to re-learn all about fertility and conception and ovulation and timing and all that stuff that was a hazy memory from school sexual education classes. It's not nearly as easy as people think to have a child even if you're not infertile. And even though 1 in 8 suffers from infertility, many don't talk about it so it continues to be a subject much of the population knows little about. That's why the theme of Listen Up! is so important. We all need to be talking about it more.

What are common causes of infertility? What is IVF? When and how does a person get diagnosed and when should they see a fertility specialist (a Reproductive Endocrinologist)? 

You can find answers to some of these questions here, but also feel free to ask me. For today's National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) post, feel free to ask questions. 

What do you want to know about infertility and/or our journey?